3 ways to realise “Life is a Precious Gift”

1. Location: Top berth of a long distance sleeper train
I dipped my index finger through the frame to touch the blade of a rotating fan covered in cobwebs. “Don’t do it! Are you crazy?,” everyone said. But somehow with single minded focus (that is so hard to find in youngsters these days), I managed to touch the blade and quickly retracted my hand like a snake retracting its tongue after smelling its prey. My finger was intact. Then I cursed my dad internally for raising me with all those Angulimal bedtime stories during childhood.

2. Location: Some house in a narrow lane
I sniffed the gas smell from the LPG cylinder while lighting my cheap rusted stove. I quickly turned the flame off and took two whole minutes to play out serious cylinder blast scenarios where the whole house would burn down leaving nothing behind but me. It would be quite filmy. But luckily this would never happen in real life because my street is not “at least six meters wide” as per the city’s fire safety norms to let the fire-engine through for their eagerly awaited rescue mission.

3. Location: Top floor terrace of a small-ass building
On my way home, I always pass through quite a few tall-ass buildings with fancy-ass names like Urbana and AtmospHere. They’re at least 35-40 storeys high. It didn’t seem fair that the residents of these buildings got to enjoy such an awesome sunset view while obstructing mine. Next day while lusting for the big view, I made elaborate plans to sneak into their gated community by pretending to be a cleaning lady. But the thought of making up so many lies seemed so much more exhausting than waiting in the lift to reach the 40th-floor terrace. So I sat on the parapet of my tiny-ass terrace with my bum optimally placed for the edge of the seat experience, and dangled my legs dangerously to feel like a big daredevil.